Get the vital information and the right guidance

The root cause of most problems faced by young girls is Ignorance.

Sahaj Care was started as an endeavour to eradicate ignorance among girls across all sections of the society.

What we do

The Right Knowledge,The Right Guidance at the Right Age. Neither an adult, nor a child, young girls are made of sugar and spice and all things that are nice. What they need is right knowledge and right care at the right time to make right decisions. They need freedom with careful calculation. They need is instructions and guidance with just the right emotion. If it isn’t easy being a teenage girl, it’s not easy being parents to a teenager as well. The job of the parent here is to give them roots and wings, to let them fly and yet never forget from where they arose. It is a difficult balance.

Sahaj Care makes this role easier for mothers and daughters. It removes the barriers of ignorance and encourages young girls to ask, to explore, to discover, to express and most importantly to believe in themselves. Sahaj Education and Sahaj Guidance encourage them to fight against the wrong happening to them and become an accomplished human being, enjoying the unforgettable journey from girlhood to womanhood with responsibility.

Sahaj Education

Sahaj Health Education (SHE) initiative is designed to provide correct and scientific information to young girls on the brink of womanhood. Under SHE, Sahaj Care for years conducted workshops and sessions across schools and colleges for physical and psycho sexual development for young girls.

With an aim to reach out more girls, Sahaj Care has now come up with a film on Health and Sexuality issues :

Sahaj Guidance

Looking back in life one often feels had we got the right guidance at right time than things would have been different. Today along with education and awareness projects, we provide scientific guidance for Health and Sexuality issues and concerns of teenage girls.

Sahaj Clinic

Dr Sonal Desai runs a clinic for teenage girls and young women where they can get correct guidance and information on Health and Sexuality issues.