Quality of life depends on
the decisions we take and
the choices we make.

The Founder

Dr. Sonal Desai


We believe every girl has right to information.

A qualified gynecologist from BJ Medical College, Dr Sonal Desai practiced medicine for a decade before engaging herself in research and training programmes for teenage girls and young women. For last ten years she has focused full time on educating and guiding teenage girls as well as young women regarding their health and sexuality making their life more productive and fulfilled. Dr Desai has made it her primary endeavor to work for issues of girls, to let them enjoy their journey from girlhood to womanhood and help them strike a balance between scientific understanding and emotional desires.

Today society is marred with cases of domestic and sexual violence against women but much of it remains behind closed doors. Dr Desai has embarked herself on a mission to empower young girls with a powerful weapon of knowledge, to make them aware of what rights they have over themselves, over their bodies and to not become victims later in life.