When you educate and guide a girl scientifically,
the whole world changes.

A Healthy, Happy and Safe life for girls across the world.

Sahaj Care is an initiative to give a healthy, happy and safe life to the girls who tomorrow will be a mentor, a wife, a mother, a knot- that ties the family and society together. A happy girl will lead to a happy family, a healthy woman will make a healthy society.

Our Vision

A safe, healthy and happy life for girls across the world.

Our Mission

To create awareness and bring a sense of responsibility among young girls about their Health and Sexuality.

Our Values

The success of Sahaj Care lies in its core Values.


The world is full with myths and disbeliefs. In such a scenario, it becomes important for us to base our crusade on true knowledge and make science the heart of creating awareness and providing guidance among girls.


Not speaking or being mute to abuse or harassment, is the most ‘convenient’ option society at large  has given to girls. Many girls become unsuspecting victims to abuse and assault for they lack self  esteem and courage to voice their concerns. We believe in empowering the young girls so they take  charge of their own life and stand for themselves.

Non Judgemental

The best thing about a best friend is that he/she is never judgmental. We at Sahaj Care value  emotions and innocence of a girl. We listen to concerns and queries, being non-judgmental and  understanding, we encourage young girls to balance between emotions and logic to take right  decisions.


We at Sahaj Care understand our duty and ensure that the sense of responsibility towards society  and issues we cater is trickled down from top to bottom. At Sahaj Care before encouraging others  for responsible behavior we ensure the same reflects in all our actions.